Gardiner Bridge is Falling Down.

A couple weeks ago I decided to go skating at the Harborfront open skate park.  On our way to the skate park we accidentally took the wrong route, so we decided to take a short cut and walk under the Gardiner Bridge.  As we were walking under the bridge I noticed a ‘tractor’ like metal thing just sitting there in the cold.  I thought it would be a great accessory to use in my next post.  With this I paired a comfy beige winter sweater with a black leather vest and some black leggings.  The leather vest gives some edge and contrast to the soft winter sweater while complimenting the ‘rusty tractor’ backdrop.  Lastly – you can never go wrong with pairing an outfit with black leggings and some black booties!


photo 1 (1)

photo 2



Under the Gardiner Bridge – Spadina & Lakeshore

1 beige winter sweater
1 black leather vest
1 black leggings
1 pair of black ankle boots



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