The Inukshuk.

I found this gem of a landmark during my first outdoor run of 2014 in Toronto.  It’s located on Lakeshore and hidden from the eye unless you’re running/walking along the Boulevard.  The Inukshuk is such a recognizable Canadian landmark and I thought it would a great addition to the blog, especially after the Vancouver Olympics where it was used in the logo.  I was also able to sneak in a picture that incorporated the iconic CN tower and this Inukshuk landmark.  To compliment this backdrop I wore some acid washed jeans with a baby blue boyfriend shirt and a Vancouver Canucks toque to top off this winter scene.

The Inukshuk  & CN Tower

The Inukshuk

Lakeshore Boulevard & Strachan (start of the walking path)

1 Canucks coloured toque
1 multi coloured necklace
1 baby blue boyfriend button down shirt
1 pair of stone acid wash jeans
1 pair of black booties



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