Toronto Since 95.

With recent playoffs starting soon for NBA there has been an early craze in Toronto for the Raptors, as they haven’t made the post season since ’08.  Also with the Maple Leafs out of a playoff spot, all the focus will be turned to the Toronto Raptors.  In this blog post I decided to highlight some shirts that are being made through a friend of mine – Since 95.  The shirts are simple yet affordable (only $20) and perfect for the playoff season!  They have a couple different offerings: Line Up Tee (names of Raptor players) and Hip Hop Tee (spells out RAP TOR). To compliment the Toronto Raptors ‘Line Up Tee’ I decided to incorporate the popular TORONTO graffiti spot down Rush Lane.  I kept it casual with some light washed jeans and white converse shoes with a turquoise coloured toque.  This popular graffiti spot is at the entrance of Rush Lane (aka Rick Mercer’s Alley) which hosts a bunch of popular Toronto Street Art – definitely a spot I’ll be coming back to for future post!

photo 1 (7) photo (14)Location:
Rush Lane (right near Queen & Spadina)

1 turquoise toque
1 Raptors ‘The Line Up’ Tee
1 light washed skinny jeans
1 pair of White Converse shoes



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