Recently I was researching a graffiti artist ‘SPUD’ to see if he had any other pieces of artwork around Toronto – he was the one that had created the graffiti in one of my previous posts .LEGO Man!‘.  In searching, I stumbled upon one of his more recent pieces and just had to check it out for myself!  In this ‘PhotoBOMB’ piece, I loved how he used the simplicity of black & white colours for the bomb while adding red & blue colours to the shoes to make the artwork pop.  I found it so comical that the bombs were happily dancing even though they were likely soon to explode, as their wicks were fully lit!  I mirrored this graffiti artwork by pairing a simple black and white tank with some acid washed jeans, while staying true to the ‘pop of colour’ by adding some fire-y red Keds.  I just wish I’d looked like I was having just as much fun as those bombs behind me!  :)

Queen Street & Bathurst (behind St. Christopher’s House)

1 black & white tank top
1 black leather jacket
1 pair of acid wash jeans
1 pair of fire-y red Keds



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