Just Piering into Toronto.

I saw this image online of the Toronto skyline and immediately fell in love with it, so much that I had to use it for my next blog location!  This place is a hidden gem in Toronto – Polson Pier.  The location gives a great view of the Toronto skyline without having to make a day trip in the ferries to the Toronto islands.  The weather wasn’t the best (overcast clouds & a lot of wind), but the amazing backdrop still produced some great photos to compliment my summer outfit.  I decided to match the wooden boardwalk look with a baby blue denim dress, wooden wedges, and some simple accessories (hat & necklace) that I’ve recently fallen in love with.  The simple yet sophisticated look is great for any summer day in Toronto!

*We also spotted some Asian designers using models to take photos of their designer bags – just verifying how amazing this backdrop really is!!

Polson Pier img_6231sun Fotor0615131129v2

Polson Pier

1 baby blue denim dress
1 pair of wooden wedges
1 pink chain necklace
1 large summer hat





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