House of Bricks.

This past weekend my oldest sister was visiting in town and I was trying to brainstorm a fun thing to explore in Toronto.  She’s been to Toronto a couple times already so it was hard to find a ‘new’ place to check out.  In the end I landed on going to Evergreen Brick Works which is an industrial site that operated for nearly 100 years in producing bricks.  It’s located in the Don River Valley by Bloor Street and is now restored as a environmentally-focused cultural centre.  There was also a Farmer’s Market open that operates on the weekends!  The industrial site had a vintage charm about it and was complimented by a bunch of vibrant coloured graffiti.  I paired the vintage backdrop with some brown oxford shoes and a summer fedora, while donning a vibrant aztec printed skirt to match the graffiti.  I decided to pair the skirt with a black crop top to really highlight the vibrant colours on the aztec skirt.

This location was a fun place to check out on the weekend and would make a great backdrop for some engagement photos!


Evergreen Brickworks

Evergreen Brickworks – 550 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON

1 summer fedora
1 black crop top
1 multi-coloured aztec skirt
1 pair of brown oxford shoes




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