Vancouver Commercial Lanes – No Stopping!

A couple weeks ago I was back in Vancouver for a friend’s wedding.  Growing up in Vancouver I definitely took the scenery and climate for granted (cool summers and mild winters)!  I absolutely loveeee the summers in Vancouver as it is often warm, but never too warm where you feel sticky and gross.  One of the days while I was back I was able to catch up with my older sister and my mom.   We went to Railtown Cafe in Gastown – downtown Vancouver by the Eastside.  My mom and I arrived early so we walked around the area for a bit.  There was a lot of character and historic vibe in the area.  I snapped a photo that day near the railroad tracks – my outfit that day consisted of a simple long black & white aztec skirt with a maroon crop top.  I edged it out with a black leather vest which is a must have for any girl’s closet :)!

The food was extremely fresh and super yummy (other reviews – yelp).  I snapped a picture of the Reuben sandwich that I got that consisted of beef brisket, thousand island cole slaw, and gruyere on rye bread.  The bread was so soft and the meat was amazingly tender.  I would definitely come here again for a bite to eat when I’m back in the city again – hopefully sooner than later! photo (10) photo 1 (10) photo (13)Location:
397 Railway St, Vancouver, BC

1 aztec black & white long skirt
1 maroon coloured crop top
1 black leather vest
1 pair of oxford shoes
awesome company
get in my belly food!



2 thoughts on “Vancouver Commercial Lanes – No Stopping!

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