Bridge of Light.

For this week’s blog post I went to a location that I can see from my apartment window!  ‘Puente de Luz, “Bridge of Light” is known for its yellow paint job to many Torontonians. This bridge is a timesaver for many people living in the CityPlace area, as it connects directly to Front street over top a set of train tracks.  It was designed by a Chilean sculptor-designer, Francisco Gazitua, and costed $8 Million to construct and install.  The bridge’s yellow paint job was chosen to stand out against the grey background of the surrounding CityPlace buildings, and it does just that.  While the yellow paint is a bold choice, the structure of the bridge is an extremely unique statement for public art.  The bridge has a sense of elegance to it, yet at the same time feels very fragmented against the apartment buildings.  To compliment the yellow colour in this structure, I went with a pair of bright coral layered trousers as the key fashion piece.  To round out the outfit I wore a grey crop top with a black necklace and some brown oxford heels.  Every once in a while a girl needs a bit of colour in her wardrobe! ;)

I also added a fun picture of my photographer from this week.  She just started taking some photography lessons and was nice enough to use me as her muse to practice! :)

Yellow Bridge 7

Yellow Bridge LOVE!!


Yelow Bridge 7


524 Front Street West

1 black necklace
1 grey crop top
1 coral trousers
1 pair of brown oxford heels



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