This is Paradise.

This Sunday we lucked out in Toronto for weather!  Originally it was suppose to thundershower, but somehow the rain clouds stayed away and the sun came out to play.  To maximize the beautiful weather I decided to pop by the ‘This is Paradise’ graffiti wall on Queen Street West.  I knew this piece of art would photograph so beautifully in the sun, as it had a combination of two vibrant colours (turquoise blue and canary yellow) perfect for a backdrop to a summer blog post!  The two colours on the Cameron House wall complimented each other perfectly, playing up a cool summer-y and love-able vibe.

To match the vibrant colours of the graffiti piece, I decided to wear a bright purple skirt with a white lace crop top.  I rounded out the ‘paradise’ outfit with my black & white sun hat, some white round sunglasses and a pair of black boots.  Black boots are a super easy way to add a little edge to any outfit!  :)

This is ParadiseThis is ParadiseThis is Paradise DSC_0114DSC_0118 This is ParadiseDSC_0117DSC_0122




408 Queen Street West

1 pair of black boots
1 purple skirt
1 white lace crop top
1 pair of round sunglasses
1 black & white sunhat



4 thoughts on “This is Paradise.

  1. This is so cute! So colorful. Really like the background you chose here because the yellow wall complements the purple skirt.


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