TTC Nostalgia.

For this blog post I decided to venture into Toronto’s transit system (TTC) and take some blog posts with Samantha Paige Studios.  The subways have an awesome muted & nostalgic tones to it, so I decided to wear a black and white outfit with a grey vest.  I had the fun idea to capture pictures by the escalator.  We tried to get some shots with me moving on it but it ended up with me straddling two platforms!  haha

We also passed by a cool white wall on Queen Street and decided to stop by it on the way home, as I had packed another outfit which I thought went perfectly with the white wall.  My outfit consisted of a t-shirt dress which I dressed down with a jean jacket and some white converse shoes for a casual summer look.  Sam also took a sick shot of 2 of my snap backs – summing up a little bit about me! :)

Born and raised in Vancouver.
Cribbing and working in Toronto.

TTC Nostalgia

TTC Nostalgia

TTC Nostalgiaphoto (16)

TTC Nostalgia

T-Shirt DressTTC Nostalgia

TTC subway & Queen Street


TTC Look

1 white tank top dress shirt
1 grey vest
1 black shorts
1 pair of black booties

White Wall Look
1 t-shirt dress
1 jean jacket
1 pair of white converse



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