Black & White Faces.

There is a popular graffiti artist named Anser that tags unique faces among the streets of Toronto.  I’ve been wanting to use some of his graffiti work for a while as a backdrop, but just couldn’t find any until recently!  The faces that he designs are delicate yet mysterious.  I love how complex yet simple the faces appear, formed from just line strokes.  These faces are unmistakable – once you’ve seen it for the first time you’ll never forget!  To match the simple black and white backdrop I decided to wear a black and white outfit, but added a pop of colour through my accessories with polarized sunglasses and a fuchsia coloured bag.  The weather was amazing this weekend, hence my ‘summer-like’ outfit, but I doubt this weather will last until next weekend!  Time to bring on my favourite season for fashion, fall fashion :)

photo 3 (3)

photo 1 (9)
photo 2 (15)



907 Dundas St West

1 white buttoned blouse
1 black leather vest
1 black shorts
1 pair of peep toed boots
1 fuchsia coloured purse



13 thoughts on “Black & White Faces.

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