Halloween HOOT! – [Owl Cupcakes]

During this week I got together with some girlfriends to get into the fall mood and carve some pumpkins.  Instead of carving a pumpkin I decided to make some Halloween treats, Owl Cupcakes!  These are super easy to make and a fun dessert to put together.  I cheated and just used a boxes cupcake mix, as I didn’t have enough time to temper the butter to room temperature.  I did substitute applesauce instead of oil to make the cupcakes ‘healthier’. :D  After baking the cupcakes I left them to cool for a bit, and then iced them with chocolate icing so that the Oreo eyes would stick on.  As you probably can tell, to form the eyes I bought some Oreo cookies (they also had special orange Halloween Oreo’s in store) and Recess’s Pieces, while for the beak I used candy corn.  I also broke off the Oreo cookie (side without the cream) in half to form some ears for the Owl Cupcakes.  It definitely was a hoot to make!  :)


Recipe (20 Owl Cupcakes)

1 chocolate boxed cupcake mix
1 container of whipped chocolate icing
1 box of Oreo cookies
1 bag of Recce’s Pieces
hand full of candy corn

PRE HEAT & BAKE: cupcakes as per instructions on pack.  Make sure the cupcakes are cooled before you start icing them.

PREPARE THE EYES: by twisting the Oreo’s in two – perfectly so that the icing is not detached!   You can do this while the cupcakes are baking so that you have all the eye’s ready to place onto the cupcakes.

PREPARE THE EARS: with the left over Oreo cookie that didn’t have any icing, break it in two to help form the ears.

FROST THE CUPCAKE: with the chocolate icing (I found the whipped icing was fluffier and smoother to ice the cupcake with).  As noted before, make sure the cupcakes are cooled before icing them!

DECORATE THE CUPCAKE: by starting with the eyes first, then move to the beak and lastly put on the ears.



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