Wrong Side of the Tracks.

With Winter weather upon us, sweater season has officially begun!  Luckily I was able to find some stellar deals during Black Friday weekend and decided to break in one of my new sweaters with a blog post.  For some odd reason I am slightly obsessed with turtle necks, I know in the past they’ve been stereotyped as a more ‘old woman’ look and feel, but now a days retailers have been modernizing then for a more stylish look.  I found mine this past weekend at the Gap for only $30 during their Black Friday 50% deal and already love it to death!  So much so that I also bought it in a cognac colour. :)  Usually for fashion blog posts I scout out the backdrop first and then match my outfit to that backdrop, but this time since I loved the sweater so much I decided to compose my outfit first and then find a backdrop to pair with.  To compliment the comfy grey turtle neck sweater, I went with simple solid colours, pairing it with a maroon toque (my obsession continues with this colour!) and some black leggings and combat boots.  For the backdrop we ended up at some deserted railroad tracks which balanced well with this simple yet cozy Winter outfit!  With the cold weather setting in, I could definitely wear this outfit everyday. :)






Wickman Road, Etobicoke

1 maroon toque
1 grey turtleneck sweater
1 red watch
1 pair of black leggings
1 pair of blue coloured socks
1 pair of black combat boots



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