Views from the 604.

This past week I’ve been home for the holidays in Vancouver and decided to take advantage of the mild weather by going outdoors for a fashion blog post.  While shopping for gifts prior to Christmas I decided to cash in on a holiday sale at Forever 21 and picked up a poncho sweater for only $30 dollars!  I loved the tribal pattern on the poncho combined with the cognac colour, but what really got me to pick up this sweater was the turtle neck!  As per my last post, I wanted to continue my love for turtle neck sweaters and feature this new one in my next blog post.  :)  Luckily the original location I had scouted out matched perfectly with this Winter like poncho.  I honestly didn’t realize how beautiful Vancouver really was, with all the surrounding ‘water and mountains’, until after I had moved away.  With this in mind, I decided to capitalize on the amazing natural backdrop by heading to New Brighton Park.  This hidden park has an amazing view of the North Shore Mountains and the Burrard Inlet.  There was also some awesome Native graffiti art that I had to capture while walking through some tunnels by the park.  The poncho sweater gave off a perfect ‘wood-sy’ like aura to match the Vancouver mountainous back drop and Native art.  Another cozy outfit that I could definitely wear all day, err day!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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IMG_0654IMG_0649IMG_0673 IMG_0684 IMG_0687 IMG_0705


New Brighton Park, Vancouver

1 Canucks toque
1 turtle neck poncho sweater
1 pair of black leggings
1 pair of black boots



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