Albion Falls.

Cheers to the long weekend!  With an extra day off here in Canada, I decided to venture out of Toronto to explore some mother nature.  I had heard about a hidden gem in Hamilton called Albion Falls.  It’s a 19 meter cascading waterfall that flows from Mud Street down towards the Niagara Escarpment.  The rocks are staggered, allowing for a beautiful cascade to form like the miniature waterfalls that you can buy at a store.  The location wasn’t hard to find, but walking or should I say slipping down to the waterfalls was a bit steep in sandals.  We got to the falls a little after 10:30 am, but the crowds didn’t really start forming until 1 pm, so if you want to avoid the crowds come earlier!  With the soothing sound of water coming down the rocks, it really felt like we were in paradise with no worries on our minds.  To match the amazing backdrop, I decided to wear something simple and opted to go with some long Adidas shorts that I paired with a simple black crop top.  I recently found the Adidas shorts at Urban Outfitters and couldn’t resist the purchase!  It’s a great addition to my growing collection of Adidas wear. :)

Also check out the link below for one of my friend’s recent summer mixes!  They’re great to chill to when you’re by the beach or even when you’re working out!    J Star Summer Mix



Albion Falls, Hamilton
Arbour Road/Mountain Brow Blvd Intersection

1 black crop top
1 pair of long shorts


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