My Doppelganger.

This weekend I finally made a quick stop to a new piece of graffiti near King and Portland street.  It had caught my eye a couple weeks ago while I was walking down Portland street with my sister.  Perhaps it was the sick shade that Lucy (a character from the Snoopy cartoon) was wearing, or the mean muggin’ look she was giving, but I loved it all!  With the weather now transitioning to fall, I decided to wear a long layered cotton dress I got from Urban Outfitters, along with a blue button down shirt and my black fedora hat.  We were walking a lot that day, so I went with my super comfy Steve Madden shoes, as they’ll likely have to be put back into the closet as fall start into full swing!  The only sad thing, as you probably can see, was that someone had vandalized the street art just 2 weeks after it had been up!  I still couldn’t resist getting a photo with Lucy; however, she wasn’t being the friendliest so I just snapped this 1 quick photo below. :P


12068951_10206625192861848_5421488931281033737_o (1)

King and Portland Street

1 back fedora hat
1 grey long dress
1 blue dress shirt
1 pair of white shoes


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