Hollyburn Hike.

Growing up in Vancouver I totally took the mountains for granted, so every time I travel back home I go for a hike.  This holiday season my sister decided to take us on the Hollyburn Hike in Cypress Mountain.  We rented our snow shoes from MEC for only $15 a pair, but the hike is actually free and parking is very close to the entrance of the hike.  We arrived early at 8:30am and the mountain was not busy, but when we left at 11:45am the parking lot was a bit of a zoo, so if you can get up early its worth it!  The hike was beautiful, as the sun peaked out several times throughout the trek, but it was fairly steep towards the end and the snow was very loose since there was a decent amount of snowfall the night before.  We all definitely slipped a couple of times going up and coming down.

Make sure to pack some snacks and water to consume at the top of the hike, as it’ll likely take you 1 to 1.5 hours to get to the top.  We also had some small heat packs for our hands if we needed them.  Definitely wear a pair of hiking shoes or boots and double sock up.  I would also advise on wearing some snow pants if you have any to keep yourself warm.  I didn’t so I wore some fleece lined tights and those worked too!  I only wore 3 layers on the top: 1 turtle neck base layer, 1 crew neck sweater, 1 winter jacket.  You’ll get warm hiking up, but coming down your body will cool down a lot so multiple layers will help keep you warm.  I also wore a toque which I’d recommend to keep your head warm or even a headband would work and don’t forget some gloves for your hands.  Hiking poles also helped if you have them or if you can borrow them from a friend.  Lastly, don’t forget your phone or camera!  The views are definitely breathtaking on this hike. :)

Hollyburn Hike, Cypress Mountain
1.5 km before the main parking

1 grey toque
1 turtle neck sweater
1 crew neck sweater
1 winter jacket
1 fleece lined tights
1 pair of gloves
1 pair of boots
1 pair of snow shoes
also don’t forget some snacks, water, and heat warmers

Toque: CANUCKS | Turtle Neck Sweater: UNIQLO  | Crew Neck Sweater: TIGHT CLUB  | Jacket: ARMANI  |  Tights: ADIDAS | Gloves: THE BAY  | Boots: ALDO  | Snow Shoes: MEC 

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