Ride or Die.

Earlier this year I decided to try more spin classes here in Toronto.  Previously I had dabbled in a couple of classes when I would go visit my sister in NYC, but I was always perplexed that she would pay ~$30 for just one 50 minute class!  I never thought that would be me… but little did I know how obsessed I would get with spin.

Everyone usually asks why I love spin so much and what keeps me going back multiple times a week.  Here are a couple reasons why:
The instructors truly make the class!  You have to find an instructor that fits your style both in the music and the movements you do.  If an instructor has good flow and sweet beats, I find I can get lost in it and just focus on me against myself to keep the beat.
The core workout is amazing!  To keep active I enjoy running, but I don’t go to the gym.  So these classes have really helped me gain strength in my core and also tone up my arms.  Who knew push ups on a bike and 2 lbs weights could do so much!
The sweat is insane!  It’s like hot yoga but on steroids because the cardio is much more than yoga.  I usually wear high-top leggings and a sports bra because my tank top gets so soaked with sweat.  Some spin studios put on more AC, but when it is a full class of 50+ bodies spinning at the same time, the heat can get pretty steamy.  Also the lighting in most spin studios is dark, so it’s easier to really focus on yourself versus the ride.

Couple Tips For Spinning:

  • Wear Leggings vs. Shorts
    • it helps soak up all the sweat and your pants wont get caught in the bike
  • Bring a Water Bottle
    • studios will have a free water fountain and they also put a towel on your bike to use while you ride.  additionally there’s usually full body towels for the showers
  • Go Up 1/2 to 1 Size for Shoes
    • studios will give you shoes that help clip you into the bike so that you can stand up without falling off the bike.  I find they always fit a bit smaller, so go up 1/2 or 1 size so that they don’t pinch your toes
  • Get Help Setting Your Bike Up
    • most studios ask if there are any new riders so that they can help set up your bike, don’t be shy and definitely take advantage of this 
  • Keep Your Ass Back
    • it takes a couple classes to get the hang of, but this will allow you to go faster and really drive speed through your legs
  • Enjoy the Ride!!
    • don’t worry if you can’t keep the beat at first or if you have to sit down, it takes a couple classes to get the form!  BUT make sure you push yourself and get a good sweat :)


Spin Studios In Toronto that I’ve Tried:

  • Ride
    • My favourite spin studio in Toronto!!  More of a ‘let’s f*ckin’ ride’ attitude at this studio which I totally vibe with, hence their hashtag #RideOrDie.  It started out in Vancouver and opened here this year in Toronto on Ossington Street.  You can also find free parking a couple blocks from the studio near the elementary school.
    • Pricing: Intro offer 2 rides for $20, then 1 ride for $26, 5 for $125, 10 for $240, 20 for $460, 1 month unlimited $270, 3 month unlimited $750.  Classes open up 1 week in advance to book, but you can see the up coming schedule.
  • Spokehaus:
    • This studio is in Cityplace so location wise for me is just blocks away from home.  It’s a smaller studio with 34 bikes, allowing for a more intimate feel and better view of the instructor.  Best part is that they give you a cold eucalyptus towel at the end of your ride!  For their morning rides they also provide free coffee which is always a great bonus.
    • Pricing: Intro offer 3 rides for $25, then 1 ride for $25, 5 for $115, 10 for $215, 20 for $390.  Classes open up 2 weeks in advance to book.
  • Soulcycle:
    • The studio that started it all!  I find Soulcycle has the best bikes of all the studios I’ve tried.  The instructors often do inspirational speeches similar to yoga to feed your soul.  Great thing about Soulcycle is that they have studios all across the US, so you can get your spin fix even if you’re away travelling.
    • Pricing: Intro offer 1 rides for $20, then 1 ride for $30, 3 for $75, 5 for $145, 10 for $280, 20 for $540, 30 for $780.  Rides have expiry dates, so research before buying.  Classes open up Monday @ noon for 1 week coming up, but you can see the up coming schedule.
  • 6ix Cycle:
    • This is the newest Toronto studio I’ve been to.  Their bikes are very smooth to ride and they have fun multi-colour lights that turn on during the ride.  They do make you clean your own bikes, but will reward you with a cold towel at the end.  Lowest cost/ride if you’re looking for the lowest price studio.
    • Pricing: Intro offer 2 weeks unlimited for $60, then 1 ride for $25, 6 for $126, 10 for $180, 20 for $320, 30 for $450, 1 month unlimited $225, 3 month unlimited $597, 6 month $1070.  Classes open up almost 3 weeks in advance to book.

1 hat (to keep my bangs out of my face)
1 sports bra
1 tank
1 pair of high top leggings
1 pair of socks
1 water bottle

Hat: NIKE | Tank Top: ADIDAS  | Sports Bra: VICTORIA SECRET  |Tights: NIKE

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