Jokers Hill Trail.

With the mild weather still lingering in Toronto, I decided to go on a hiking adventure about 1 hour north of the city in Newmarket.  The trail was extremely beautiful, with rows and rows of tall skinny trees throughout the hike.  The amount of people on the trail was minimal, making it an extremely peaceful hike and a great getaway from the city.  Overall the trail was much larger than I expected, but very easy to hike with flat and well paved paths.  We made the hike harder by bringing a backpack that held 25lbs of additional water weight in it.  The trails are also a great spot to bring dogs.  Almost everyone we saw on the trail had one or two dogs with them.  I know I’ll definitely be coming back again soon.  :)



Jokers Hill Trail
17186 Bathurst St, Newmarket, ON

1 toque
1 pair of sunglasses
1 turtleneck sweater
1 pair of tights
1 jacket
1 pair of runners

Toque: RIDE CYCLE CLUBSunglasses: URBAN OUTFITTERS Turtleneck Sweater: UNIQLO  | Tights: NIKE  |  Jacket: ZARA Shoes: NIKE

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