Rattlesnake Point.

This past weekend I decided to test out an overnight backpack bag that I had recently purchased from SAIL, an outdoor equipment store.  With it I also decided to break in a couple more pieces of clothing items to test them out.  One of the biggest thing I’ve learned for clothing while hiking is to always wear and carry multiple layers, as often during the Spring/Fall time you are constantly putting on and taking off layers due to the ever changing temperatures/winds.  Overall I was happy with my backpack purchase and additional hiking gear!  Now off to a real overnight camping adventure with this bag :)


Rattlesnake Point – 7200 Appleby Line, Milton, ON 

1 toque
1 pair of sunglasses
1 base layer long sleeve
1 down filled jacket
1 pair of hiking trousers
1 pair of hiking boots
1 backpack

Toque: FOREVER 21 Sunglasses: URBAN OUTFITTERS Long Sleeve Shirt: ICEBREAKER | Down Jacket: PATAGONIA | Trousers: FJALLRAVEN | Backpack: NORTH FACE | Hiking Boots: ZAMBERLAN

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