{ my MOTTO }

Baking & Fashion soothe my soul. :)

 I decided to start blogging about two big passions in my life – Baking & Fashion – and I’ve been having a blast discovering the hidden beauty in both of these topics!

Baking has always been a stress reliever for me, dating back to my studying days in university.  I thoroughly enjoy testing and formulating different baking recipes while spreading the love to family and friends by sharing the goodies.  

Fashion has also been a channel I’ve used to express my creativity and style.  Through exploring cities I live in and travel to, I plan on capturing the beauty of landmarks or graffiti spots through artistic photos while incorporating fashion.

Whether it be posting from my hometown in Vancouver, from my current work city in Toronto, or from my travels in betweenI hope you too can enjoy my journey of Baking in Fashion!

Deanna <3

photo (22)

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